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U.S. president who died in poverty
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No one thought about, the dominant power in the world, rich countries of the United States, its president actually have died of sick Cross, and has more than one.

Third president Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson)
  The first died in poverty is the third U.S. President Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson). He was born to a noble family, is full of class. After March 4, 1809 departure, died July 4, 1826. Coincidentally, he should with his predecessor, John opponents. Adams (John Adams) died almost simultaneously, although their personal relationship was already good. Jefferson's tombstone inscription: "Thomas. Jefferson, the United States" Declaration of Independence "and the Virginia Religious Freedom Act of the author of Father of the University of Virginia buried here."
Although his later years Adams constraints, but there is still much of the land and other real estate. Jefferson 8-year presidency, that he owed a huge debt, had to borrow money to repay the other to leave the White House. After leaving the White House, arrived . Although a few small workshops, and a small farm, but make ends meet, even though reluctantly sold some land debt, there is still almost $ 50,000 in debt. So debt becomes troubled by the outgoing President of the Gordian knot. His eldest daughter lives with him in a letter to his father, Ma Xia wrote: "I can live with anything, just do not want to see you so much also for the old debt and worries."
In 1812, the British burned the Library of Congress invasion. Jefferson to his collection of books worth $ 50,000 to $ 23,500 to sell low-priced Congress, nearly half of the debt repayment. Despite the money, he never played in 1816 to build all the hearts and minds into the operation of the University of Virginia. In his active lobbying the state legislature approved the payment of $ 15,000 per year school are provided. Jefferson fund-raising for school construction everywhere. March 7, 1825, the University started, and although only 30 students.
Jefferson finally because of poverty, overwork and the sick, when Jefferson was an extremely difficult economy, after the news spread across the United States worth $ 16,000 donation, but not enough to repay his debts and to address his medical expenses. June 24, he wrote a personal letter from the life of the last one, sorry to finding a way out of the Washington Memorial, "the Declaration of Independence" fiftieth anniversary, he finally met a live July 4 last wishes, 12:50 , died at the age of 73 years. Several hours later, another "Declaration of Independence," the drafters of Jefferson's former President Adams Sashourenhuan.
Inauguration of U.S. presidents 

The fifth U.S. President James. Monroe (James Monroe)
  The fifth U.S. President James. Monroe (James Monroe), a small farmer family background, his family was not wealthy. After March 4, 1825 departure. He end of Oak Manor, Jefferson personally is designed to help him. And then the other presidents, the president did not pay expenses for salaries, leaving when the audit found that his original estate debt as land has been left running out. So he sent a letter to the then President of the Madison, the U.S. government and compensation owed to his request for congressional assistance, otherwise he will be difficult to cope with life after retirement. But no results.
Al so he had to sell land near the Bill and Milton, can only pay part of the debt. In some cases recourse of creditors began, he attempted to Jefferson requesting aid. Unexpectedly, began to realize that Jefferson was poorer than he, so Monroe together with other people, jointly requested financial aid to the Virginia legislature, Jefferson. Monroe asked for compensation for the U.S. government was dragged Monroe had given up plans.
September 23, 1830, the door Ms. Luo's death from a stroke, to Monroe to a heavy blow. After his wife after the burial, almost penniless Monroe, spent all his assets are depleted. Second daughter had moved home in New York, relying on her life. The then President of the covenant. Queensland. Adams named his second son for the New York Post Bureau, the Monroe salaries to ensure a life. In order to make money, President Monroe had to write a book in exchange for royalties. Monroe's poverty finally moved Congress to give their approval in as President Monroe's compensation $ 30,000, together with his sale of land fetched only enough to pay off old debts Monroe, but can not make up for his poor life. In 1831, the last home of Monroe - Oak Manor which he sold, and this, Monroe became typical homeless. July 4 that year, Monroe home of heart failure at her daughter passed away peacefully, aged 73 years, becoming the third died before the National Day President.

U.S. seventh president Andrew. Jackson (Andrew Jackson)
  U.S. seventh president Andrew. Jackson (Andrew Jackson), at an early age his parents died, leaving a small legacy to Jibei not spend their hard work into the future on their own manor. After March 4, 1845 departure. President Jackson announced the re-election campaign to repay all the debt, 8 January 1835, he realized the promise: the first time the federal government to pay off the national debt. But after he left office due to illness but can not pay off their debts. Also the eve of his departure, would have to sell some land west Tennessee to pay a debt, the debt from his primary financial panic of 1837 and the investment mistakes of his younger son, with Jackson's own words, is deceived by others . 1841 cotton harvest of his estate, seven dead horse breeding and economic trouble. Jackson fund-raising for the many friends, going for him through. Jackson did not hesitate but was refused, he would not use the reputation of the former president to accept the grant, they would rather accept the loan. And the son of the plantation must be secured, also his will to add that: only pay off the loan before they can dispose of heritage.
He can affect the whole country, but can not get rid of debt trouble, in his letter to a friend, said: "Poverty is watch intently us." As the debt causing him depressed, but also seriously affected his health. June 8, 1845, after Jackson had surgical treatment at home, died the age of 78. In his will, he in all movable and immovable property sold to repay the $ 16,000 together with interest, the legacy left to future generations only 3 handle ceremonial sword, asked his children and grandchildren when necessary, defend the United States Constitution with a sword.

Old photos-the United States Snooker XI Shiba Park President, James (James Knox Polk)
  Next, the U.S. president, James XI Snooker Shiba Park (James Knox Polk), his family was well off the manor born. After March 4, 1849 departure. In 4 years the White House career, Polk diligent and effective. Buchanan Secretary of State said: "I know he is one of the most hard-working person, just put him into a four-year term of office of an old man." Indeed, when the outgoing Polk, 53, has gray-haired weak.
Leaving the next day infected with chronic diarrhea, and his wife Sarah to clean up Tennessee's home exceptionally warm, the name "Polk Palace." When Polk largely recovered, immediately put into book work, soon after, the busy work of the Polk's health, leaving just three months to Sashourenhuan. Year-round 53.
Lady Sarah Polk lived a poor lonely day. Civil War, which completely destroyed the livelihoods of the Mississippi, Sarah Hall, Sarah lost their source of income, had to rely on one-time sale of estate land for the meager income. In 1882, the U.S. Congress to approve $ 5,000 grants per year pension, Sarah's life have a guarantee. Sarah died 1891, aged 88 years.
July 7, 1865: the assassination of Abraham Lincoln's killer was executed by hanging
July 7, 1865: the assassination of Abraham Lincoln's killer was executed by hanging 

Millard Fillmore Thirteenth President of the United States (Millrd Fillmore)
  Thirteenth President Millard Fillmore (Millrd Fillmore), came from impoverished peasant families, a child will be required to participate in agricultural work. After March 4, 1853 departure. Born in a poor farming family in Fillmore July 10, 1850 to succeed President Taylor died when the U.S. president. Defeat left office in 1852. The presidency spending too much, leaving little savings he had, the economic trouble. He made a formal proposal to the U.S. government: $ 12,000 to each outgoing president's annual salary. He said: "Our presidents, even in the cold ground aside, ignored, perhaps forced to livelihoods in the corner of the street to open a grocery store, this is really a national disgrace." "We elect a person to be president, expect him to act honestly, and perhaps also to give up lucrative career. However, after we use him, let him retreat together, and perhaps allowed to fall into poverty." But did not reply.
Fillmore in the 1856 election defeat, he gave all his heart into his hometown of Buffalo's public career. Buffalo fundraising to build schools, YMCA, Historical Society, General Hospital, Library. But have debt, insolvent. Fortunately, in February 1858 he received a rich widow Caroline's love, marriage, Caroline pay off his debt, so that in later years he was able to continue his passion in the cause. March 8, 1874, Fillmore stroke death, aged 74 years.

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